We will contact you with additional information and to complete registration with payment after your application has been reviewed & approved. Thank you!

"Yes, I am interested in the Kukkiwon

Assimilation Dan Test in the USA.

Please review my information below

and send me the details!"

            Submit via email (WTMU.org@gmail.com), OR

   post mail (WTMU, 3141 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062):

      1. Photocopy of your current Kukkiwon Dan Certificate/ID

      2. Kukkiwon Dan Application Form (fill top half only)

      3. WTMU Kukkiwon Dan Test Registration Form 

      4. Kukkiwon Assimilation Test Recommendation Form

      5. Copies of all Kukkiwon and/or other Dan certificates. 

      6. Essay due for 6th and 7th Dans after passing Test.

        (10 letter-sized pages, Taekwondo related subject)