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Senior Grandmaster Park is a 9th degree black belt in the disciplines of Taekwondo, Hapkido, and has a high rank in Kumdo. He is an International Referee and a Certified International Master-Instructor. Sr. Grandmaster Park has trained both National and World Champions and has founded successful schools in U.S.A., Korea and Saudi Arabia. He also holds a Ph.D. (Doctor of Martial Arts Science). In May of 2011, Sr. Grand Master Park successfully signed an MOU with Kukkiwon. Sr. Grandmaster Park brings with him over 50 years of experience teaching men, women, and children from all walks of life in all parts of the world, and is also currently the Instructor to many high ranking masters.


Dean of Graduate School of Martial Arts in Amerstate University (2011 – Present)

Professor of Amerstate University ( 2011 – Present)

Founder/President of the World Taekwondo Masters Union (2011 – Present)

Appointed member of Education Committee from Kukkiwon ( 2010)

Certified 1 st class World Taekwondo Hanmadang International Referee from Kukkiwon (2009)

Associate Director of American Liberty University (2010)

Received Ph.D from International University of the United States (Doctor of Martial Arts Science) (2008)

Appointed a member of International Advisory Committee from Kukkiwon (2008)

Vice President of the Amerstate University (2008)

Member of the USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission (2007)

Certified 6 th degree Black Belt from American Kumdo Association (2005)

Professor of International University (2005 - 2007)

Certified 9 th degree black belt from Kukkiwon (2002)

Established Bongsul Hapkido Yonghokwan (2001)

Licensed Grandmaster-Instructor by the U.S.T.U. (2000)

Established The World Martial Arts Institute in Naperville (1990)

Certified International brooks brothers coupon Referee from the World Taekwondo Federation (1988)

Obtained Certificate of Game Leader from Korean Ministry of Physical Education (1986)

Contributed to the establishment of systematic Taekwondo theory at the 1st World Taekwondo Seminar, Kukkiwon (1985)

Former Instructor of Saudi Arabia Naval Training Academy (1982-1983)

Certified International Master-Instructor by the World Taekwondo Federation (1982)

Established Yeon-Bi Martial Arts School in Seoul, Korea (1980 – 1985)

Certified International Referee (1980)

Director of Taekwondo Jiwoohwe (1976 – 1984)

Established Kyung-In Martial Arts School in Seoul, Korea (1975-present)

Certified Instructor from Korea Taekwondo Association (1975)



Certificate of Commendation Awarded by Kim Jongdeok, Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism 2014

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award from President Barack Obama (2010)

Appreciation Award from American Liberty University (2009)

Achievement Award from Yong-In University Taekwondo Graduate School (2007)

Certificate of Appreciation from L.A. Sheriff’s department (2007)

Presidential Physical Fitness Award from President George W. Bush (2005)

Achievement Award, United States Marine Corps (2005)

3 Time Plaque of Appreciation from the Korea National Tourism Organization

Achievement Award from the Minister of Culture and Tourism in Korea (2002)

Letter of Appreciation, Han-Yang University (2002)

Certificate of Appreciation from Commander of Eighth United States Army in Korea (2002)

Achievement Award from The Minister of Culture and Tourism in Korea (2000)

Citation of the World Taekwondo Federation (2000)

Letter of Appreciation from The Han-Yang University (2000)

Letter of Appreciation from The World Taekwondo Federation (1999)

Certificate of Appreciation from the Korean-American Association of Chicago (1996)

Received Certificate of Appreciation for “Contributions to the Art of Taekwondo” from President of the Kukkiwon (1992)

Certificate of Appreciation from U. S. Sports Academy (1982)

Obtained Citation of the World Taekwondo Federation (1981)

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