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National, Regional and State Branch Positions 



WTMU offers many opportunities for you to be involved on both a National, Regional and State level.

Regional positions will be direct appointments. National Committee and State level positions can be applied for if you hold Kukkiwon Rank. State positions require you to operate a Kukkiwon Dojang, hold Kukkiwon Rank and live and operate your Dojang in the State you are applying for. 


If you are interested in serving a 1 year term in WTMU National Committee or State postion, please see below for the area you are most interested in, and then apply by clicking the "Apply" button below. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and you will be notified.


National Technical Committee Positions

Our National Technical Committee has numerous opportunities for you to be involved. In each position, there will be three committee members appointed. Members of these committees will act in a policy advisory capacity, making recommendations to the National Branch Officers. Currently we have the following positions available:


  • Legal

  • Test Examiners 

  • Hanmadang Referees

  • Masters Certification

  • Special Test

  • Tournament

  • Technology

  • International

  • Womens Advisory

  • Athlete Development

  • Dojang Development

  • Poomsae Development

  • Public Relations

  • Medical


If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, you must possess Kukkiwon rank of 5th Dan or higher and be a member of WTMU. To apply,  please go to the bottom of this page and click on the "Apply" button. 

State Positions

If you are interested in applying for WTMU State position, you must be a Kukkiwon 5th Dan or above, own and operate a Taekwondo Dojang in the State you are applying and be motivated to assist the organization in delivering Kukkiwon courses, seminars and Kukkiwon Tournaments in your State. State Presidents will report to the WTMU Regional Director and National Organization. They will be responsible for facilitation of all Kukkiwon events and activities conducted within their State. They may also apply to coordinate and host events in their State.

Regional Positions

Regional Positions will be appointed by the President of WTMU directly from the pool of State Presidents based on merit. Regional Officers will be responsible for coordinating with State Presidents in the delivery of Kukkiwon programs, seminars and events for the states that fall under their regional purview. In each region, the following positions are available:


  • Regional Director

  • Regional Chief of Poom/Dan Examinations

  • Regional Chief of Instructor Certification Courses

  • Regional Chief of Referee Certification Courses



WTMU Regional Locations

Kukkiwon America Regions
Kukkiwon Examiner State Map
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