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I would like to humbly welcome all of our fellow Taekwondo Masters to join the WTMU and take part in our efforts to create a service delivery model for bringing the highest standards of Kukkiwon programs to each of our communities.

We share a mission to promote the development of the culture and practice of our beloved martial art of Taekwondo in our residing communities, and a hope to spread the benefits of Taekwondo to all.

WTMU wants to help ensure the consistency of Taekwondo instruction worldwide, help ensure the unified international practice of our art, and help ensure the continued growth of Taekwondo. We do these by promoting official programs and curriculum, organizing certifications and training seminars, and working with Taekwondo masters and school owners worldwide.

Our Regional Delivery Model will ensure Dojangs have access to the Kukkiwon programs that will assist them in their efforts to retain the valuable certifications enabling them to deliver the finest Taekwondo program available in the world. 


Ki Hong Kim

President/ Founder

9th Dan Kukkiwon

Executive Committee

  • Denis Chen - 9th Dan

  • Oscar  - 9th Dan 

  • Oscar Tajes - 9th Dan

  • Kenny Kuek - 8th Dan

  • John P. Wood - 9th Dan

Denis Chen
Oscar Tajes
Kenny Kuek
John P. Wood
Denis Chen.png
Oscar Tajes.png
JP Wood.png
JP Wood.png

WTMU Officers

  • Kyung Ho Park, Past President - 9th Dan

  • Jin Young Kim, Past President - 9th Dan 

  • Ki Hong Kim, President - 9th Dan

  • Clinton Robinson, Vice President - 9th Dan

  • William Huggins, Vice President - 9th Dan

  • Varo D. Barragan B., Vice President - 9th Dan

  • Tim McHugh, Vice President - 8th Dan

  • Todd Sexton, Vice President - 8th Dan

Our Organization


WTMU Organization Chart.png
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